Kyle Werhand

C3 Technology Advisors

"The topics that are covered in this session are pivotal to anyone that wants to succeed in an environment that requires human and social interaction. This isn't how to be a good salesperson; this is how to be a good communicator and a better overall person. [Bionic Sales] helps take your own mindset to a new dimension that you wouldn't otherwise get to on your own."

Matt Wolosz


"It was a perfect course for someone like myself who wants to understand the deeper roots of sales communication and relationship building to help take that next step. For me, this was like a doctorate level course for someone who already has a master's degree. It took my mindset to a different level; instead of asking questions, we are looking at this through the lens of curiosity."

Tim VanderMel

C3 Technology Advisors

"The thing I liked about Bionic was the different approaches. When you think of sales, you think of it as a robotic type of process that you follow, and this is what you get out of it. Bionic goes a lot deeper into your soul to get you to think differently about not only how you ask questions, but how you actually move that process along."

Ryan Hernandez

"Bionic Sales has been great, I've really enjoyed this cohort. I have nothing but high praise for it. If anyone were to ask me how I get to my numbers or how I learned to prospect, I would recommend Bionic Sales."

Graham Hoopingarner

"Bionic Sales was transformative in the sense of approaching sales in a different way. I'm still Graham and Graham needs to shine through as a recruiter. It shouldn't be me putting on a recruiter hat and becoming a different person. Bionic Sales has really shown me ways to be more authentic, and be a better person when I'm presenting myself to people."

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