What Is Bionic Sales?

Featured Topic: Sales Training is Horseshit

“Dogs are trained, pros are coached.”

Focus on the individual seller and customize their approach based on their unique style, making the best of your sales people instead of following a script.

Preview: Sales Training is Horseshit

Featured Topic: Product Knowledge is a Crutch

“Nobody ever bought a car because the sales person read the manual”

Product passion and purpose is more important than knowledge. In this keynote, Doug and John explore the emotional and logistical drivers behind Bionic Sales versus old-school trains of thoughts about sales and the info needed to close a deal.

Preview: Product Knowledge is a Crutch

Featured Topic: Selling is Rich, Don’t Be a Dick About It

“Don’t be the ‘dick pic’ salesperson”

How many of us have spent an exuberant amount of time on a small deal when we could’ve spent the same, or less time, on a larger, more lucrative deal? Some of us will shoot the shot every time, but how many shots actually make it? How much effort, time and essentially money could be saved if we focus on generating and fostering quality leads and clients? Quality vs quantity. Stop spamming your prospects. It’s creepy.

Meet the Speakers

Business Strategist and Raconteur

Douglas Hall

An unabashed, unfiltered and brutally honest lover of new ideas, methods and products, Douglas Hall is continually challenging himself and others to push the limits of what is, not only possible but, conceivable. From his early history in nightlife promotions, his time in loan origination and automotive reinsurance sales, to his executive roles in live entertainment and new media start-ups; Doug has found a distinct narrative thread that connects these experiences and delivers a unique perspective from the sales floor to the boardroom. Not willing to hide his special brand of "crazy", Hall makes his idiosyncrasies his attributes while on a constant quest of personal and professional evolution. This quest includes his desire to be an efficient and connected servant leader who inspires and mentors others to win on their own. All of this with one simple goal in mind, an epitaph that reads: "Left It Better Than He Found It."

Internationally known Author & Coach

John Klymshyn

John Klymshyn is a Navy veteran who, after serving, quickly rose in the ranks of the recruiting industry. He soon discovered his true passion: the training and development of professionals. Soon, “Coach K” dove headfirst into sales seminars and coaching. For over 11 years, he conducted over 35 live training sessions annually. This journey took him to every major city in the US, to Several in Canada, to Mexico City and Dublin, Ireland. The creator of Moving Conversations Forward™, Ultimate Sales Management™, Deeper Dialogue™ AND the co- author of the Audio Book “Stream; Hack Your Consciousness” John founded The Business Generator, Inc. in 1999. Moving from Southern California to South West Idaho in 2020, Klymshyn has devoted his attention and creativity to the collaborative methodology and experience set known as “Bionic Sales™” Coach K has authored 3 acclaimed leadership and sales books, created 4 audiobooks, extensive video training series, and hosted over 100 episodes of his podcast. He also provides seminars, retreats, and one-on-one coaching designed to teach Enterprise Sales Pros and current (and future) C Suite executives to discover their leadership capabilities and creative potential. Ultimately, John works tirelessly to help people connect with… and realize… their personal purpose.

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